Sunday, July 29, 2012

Monogrammed, Hand Embroidered, & Baby Items Below!

  • Check out the new listings below...Sweet, sweet dresses and sets!
  • There are still several great deals in non-monogram sections below.
  • PLEASE do NOT use my photos to resell your items, especially if details are not accurately listed when you list the item for resell!!!!!!!!    
  • Slowly working my way through baby boy newborn - 3T items...hopefully I'll  start listing those soon as time allows.
  • I do combine shipping, usually for just $1-$2 per additional item, depending on weight.
  • THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!  

Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover, NEW in Package!

Coordinates with the Peanut Shell baby sling sold separately...
Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover
New in Package
Pink & Brown Paisley Design {sold out pattern}
More info {here}
Retails for $35.00
$18.00 + $5.00 shipping = $23.00

Peanut Shell Pink & Brown baby girl sling carrier, size Large

Fun, pink and chocolate brown dot design...
Coordinates with the bebe au lait nursing cover sold separately!
Peanut Shell Pink and Brown Sling Carrier
Size Large
Used once - my daughter was not into slings!!
More info {here}
$15.00 + $5.00 shipping = $20.00

Tiny Sprouts Cotton Candy Pink Pique Dress, "grace", size 3T

Looooooooooooove this dress!!
Check out tiny sprouts for more adorable hand embroidered items - love Tracey's work!
Sweetest Tiny Sprouts Cotton Candy Pink Pique Dress
Hand Embroidered in sweet complimentary colors: grace
Size 3T
Excellent, Like New Condition - worn once for portraits and once on Mother's Day.
Retails for $68.00
$30.00 + $5.00 shipping = $35.00

SOLD! Tiny Sprouts Red Corduroy Dress, "Grace", size 6-12 mo.

Tiny Sprouts carries the sweetest hand-embroidered designs...check out Tracey's work {here}.
Gorgeous Tiny Sprouts Red Corduroy Dress with White Ric Rac
Softest featherwale baby corduroy - a classic!
Hand Embroidered in White:  grace
Size:  6-12 months
Excellent, Like New Condition, worn once for Christmas.
Sooooo hard to part with this one, but another sweet little girl out there needs this!
Retails for $68.00
$30.00 + $5.00 shipping = $35.00

Kelly's Kids Eyelet Dress, monogrammed GMI, size XS 3/4

2.5" Circular Monogram:
Love the sweet back!
Gorgeous Kelly's Kids Blue Lined Eyelet Dress
2.5" Circular Monogram in blue: GMI
{would be very easy to applique over}
Size XS 3/4
Shoulder to Hem: 25"
Excellent, Like New Condition, worn once for portraits.
$15.00 + $5.00 shipping = $20.00

Kelly's Kids Green Striped Seersucker Swimsuit, "GMI", size 3/4

I've heard that monograms can be removed and appliqued over, but I've never done it...great deal for someone!
Close-up of monogram:
Kelly's Kids Green Striped Seersucker Swimsuit
Pink monogram: GMI
Size XS 3/4
Excellent Used Condition
$10.00 + $5.00 shipping = $15.00

SOLD! Claire & Charlie A-line Jumper & Bloomer Set, "G", size 2T

Such a sweet G!
Claire & Charlie A-line Jumper & Bloomer Set
Monogrammed "G"
Size 2T Shoulder to Hem: 17"
Lime green gingham check with pink G and ric rac
$20.00 + $5.00 shipping = $25.00

SOLD! Claire & Charlie Seersucker float dress, "Grace", size 2T

Love turquoise and pink together!!
Teeny tiny, pinhead sized stain on one of the folds. Not noticeable when worn, but I like to point every little thing out!!
Claire & Charlie Seersucker float dress
Monogrammed "Grace"
Size 2T
Shoulder to Hem: 22.5"
Excellent, like new condition (worn twice) except for tiny pinhead sized stain on one of the folds. Not noticeable when worn.
$15.00 + $5.00 shipping = $20.00

Friday, July 20, 2012

New Resells are Up!

Click pictures to ENLARGE!

These are all the girl resells I have for now, with the exception of "G" and "Grace" monogrammed items and one Thanksgiving outfit {size 18-24 mo. / 2} that I haven't yet photographed, but will be listing soon.

I also plan to list little boy {newborn - toddler 2} in the coming weeks as time allows.


SOLD! Dr. Seuss Apron Top & Capris, size 3-4-5

Adorable halter!
Close-up of out-of-print Dr. Seuss fabric:
Dr. Seuss Apron Top and Capris
Size 3-4-5
Halter Top:  15" {top of bodice to hem, NOT including the straps}
Capris:  Waist: unstretched 20" / stretched 25"
Inseam:  9.5"
Outseam:  16.5"
Sooooooo hard to part with this one!!  LOVE Dr. Seuss!
Excellent, Like New Condition
Halter top worn twice / Capris worn once for birthday party
$45.00 + $5.00 shipping = $50.00

SOLD! Days Numb'rd Apple Set, size 2-3-4

Backside...check out the adorable gaucho pants! {gaucho = open on the sides and overlap to form legs}
Close-up of the adorable apples!!
Perfect for Preschool!
Days Numb'rd Apple Jumper Top and Gaucho Pants Set
Size 2-3-4
Top: Shoulder to Hem: 18.5"
Pants: Waist: unstretched 20" / stretched 22" Inseam: 10" / Outseam: 16"
One pant leg has applique, the other has deco style patches, meant to look distressed over time.
Excellent, Like New Condition, worn once $45.00 + $5.00 shipping = $50.00

SOLD! Be Mine Fall Harvest Bishop, New, Size 12 mo.

Close-up of smocking:
New, with tag...
Be Mine Fall Harvest Long-Sleeve Bishop
Size 12 mo.
Adorable orange gingham dress with the cutest Fall harvest scene!  Love!
New with tag!
Retails for $65.00
$35.00 + $5.00 shipping = $40.00

SOLD!.......My Little Fairytales Apron Dress & Head Scarf, size 2-3-4

Close-up of apron and fabrics:
My Little Fairytales Apron Dress and Head Scarf
Size 2-3-4 {will fit older girls like a tunic top}
Shoulder to Hem:  20.5"
Shirred bodice:  21" unstretched to 28" stretched
Excellent like new condition, worn once
$35.00 + $5.00 shipping = $40.00

SOLD! Polkadots & Pigtails Patchy Capris, New, Size 3-4

Close-up of adorable japanese import fabrics:
New! We ended up with two of these since seller sent the wrong size at first and told us to keep both pairs!
Polkadots & Pigtails Patchy Capris
Size 3-4
Waist:  unstretched 19" / stretched 24"
Inseam:  9"
Outseam:  15"
New without tags
$20.00 + $5.00 shipping = $25.00

SOLD! Dandelion Avenue Vintage Kittens Set, size 2-3-4

Close-up of embroidery:
Close-up of eyelet trim:
Soooooooooo sweet! Full of vintage charm!
Dandelion Avenue Vintage Kittens Set
Size 2-3-4
Top:  shoulder to hem:  15.25" / chest:  23"
Shorts:  waist:  17' unstretched to 23" stretched / inseam:  5.5" / outseam:  11.5"
Note:  the "white" fabric on this set is not bright white, it is a vintagey creamy white, like a vintage pillowcase!
Excellent Used Condition
$30.00 + $5.00 shipping = $35.00  

SOLD! Silly Goose Patriotic Angel Wing Bishop, 4T

Close-up of smocking:
Silly Goose Patriotic Angel Wing Bishop Dress
Size 4T
Blue gingham check with Red ric rac
Shoulder to Hem:  27"
My absolute favorite patriotic smocked dress ever!  Love, Love it!
Excellent, Like New Condition
$25.00 + $5.00 shipping = $30.00

SOLD! Patycake Kids Pumpkin Bishop Dress, 4T

Close-up of smocking:
Missed stitch...
Patycake Kids Pumpkin Bishop Dress
Size 4T
Pink gingham check with Brown ric rac
Good Used Condition, would be Excellent, except for loose stitch
{Please see pic for missed stitch! Could easily be fix with embroidery thread, but I haven't tried}
Worn once for Thanksgiving
$15.00 + $5.00 shipping

SOLD! Claire & Charlie Christmas Monkeys Bishop Dress, size 4T

Close-up of smocking...
Claire & Charlie Christmas Monkeys Bishop Dress
Size 4T
Lime Green gingham check with Red ric rac 
Shoulder to Hem: 28.5" with a 2.75" hem that can be let out for added length
Excellent, Like New Condition
{matching brother longall size 18 mo. will be listed soon!}
$25.00 + $5.00 shipping = $30.00

SOLD! Anavini Christmas Bishop Dress, 4T

Close-up of smocking:
Anavini Christmas Bishop Dress
Size 4T
Dark Green gingham check with Red ric rac trim on sleeves and hem
Shoulder to Hem:  28" with a 2" hem that can be let out for added length
Excellent used condition
$25.00 + $5.00 shipping = $30.00

SOLD! Josiekat's Trunk Bow Dress, 4T

Small stain at neck {can probably be bleached, but I haven't tried}
Some normal wash-wear piling on pom-poms...
Josiekat's Trunk Simply Bows Dress
Size 4T
Shoulder to Hem:  26"
Used Condition {see pic for small stain at neck}
Retails for $58.50
$13.00 + $5.00 shipping = $18.00